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“Because you are special - Let Tipu House bring uniqueness to your home”

                                                                            Think - Implement - Passion - Unique

“Kiến trúc thực sự là điều hạnh phúc.

Tôi nghĩ rằng mọi người muốn cảm thấy hạnh phúc trong một không gian.

Nó vừa là nơi cư trú, vừa là nơi chứa đựng nhiều niềm vui.”


 Zaha Hadid                           

(KTS đạt giải Pritzker - Giải Nobel của kiến trúc)

Open Letter

First of all, TiPu Vietnam Joint Stock Company (ʻTiPu Vietnam') would like to send wishes of health and peace to Customers/ Partners. Thank you to Our Customers/ Partners for accompanying and trusting TiPu House brand during the past time.

TiPu Vietnam with the criterion of constantly innovating and improving service quality every day, we are always confident to bring the most perfect satisfaction to our Customers/ Partners. Besides possessing a team of talented Architects and highly qualified Engineers, we also invest significantly in advanced production technology and optimal construction methods to satisfy all requirements of customers through providing architectural marvels that are diverse and unique in both shape and quality.

The dream of Architects and Engineers at TiPu Vietnam is to use their talented minds to create perfect, classy living spaces that always create a sense of comfort and safety for all Customers. TiPu House is committed to always making more efforts to make every customer's dream come true.